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Welcome at Isabelle's!

Here you find info, help, inspiration to go from surviving to living, to go from zombie mode to Life.

What's the difference? This is your Life, so your definition, your rules. To me it's a life full of essence, of depth, and full of experiences. Life is meaningful, you know why you get up in the morning. You live according to what you value in every aspect of your life: family, love life, social life, job & career,...

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Where are you in the adventure of your life?

Do you give space and time for what inspires you, for what makes you smile and laugh?

How much are your values, your choices, your thoughts, your actions, your way to connect with your close ones, your job,... aligned with who you are, your dreams and your most profound aspirations?

important info

I am not a native english speaker. So I could use some funny grammatical structures or words.

The match between the personnalities of the coach and coachee proves to be the most important part of a successful coaching, however not sharing the same native language can have an impact. That's why I offer 1 hour of coaching at 50% of the cost if french is not your native language. That way you can test and see for yourself, with a minimum impact on your wallet.


"Chez Isabelle" was born out of the call to offer a sanctuary, a place for someone who does not live in well-being and someone who wish to grow. Both a refuge and a school, in this sanctuary you can settle, regenerate, learn and test, grow to fulfil yourself.

So Chez Isabelle offers a space where you have the opportunity to feel welcomed with your struggle at this time, your need to blossom or thrive, to find happiness.

Today's inspiration

if not now, then when?

If now is not the right time, then when?

What would be the right time? What holds me back?

Am I held back by fears? or by a life drive?

Whatever holds me back, taking care of myself is listening, and accept the blockade or hesitations. To go on, without violence. Because it is possible to go on and go over my fears without forcing. It all depends on which part of me is leading.

I am working to create a blog... coming soon!

What can we work on?

Life and its complications

Your joys and your sorrows, your worries and your hardships, your desire of change and what fed you up, your flashes of inspiration and your need of help to find the light.

Worries, questions, anger, anguish, joys, sadness, fears. Doubts, renunciations. Hope that life can be "more than that" and despair that it is "only that".

Stress. Depression.

A difficult moment, a life-changing event, in a good way (like a long-awaited promotion) or in a bad way (like a disease), or both.

If you are ready to get to know yourself and to live a full Life, I would love to help you!

If you want to dive in your Life instead of skimming through it but are not not sure how to do it without drowning, I am here.

I am trained in various topics and techniques, to be able to help you in many situations.

A specific topic

I also have a few specialities: high sensitivity, burn-out, giftedness. For those topics I offer coaching for the person directly affected and for his/her closed ones, who can face singular challenges. another speciality: the re-discovery of play, for those who want more lightness in their life, or want to learn (again) to have fun and marvel. I also coach you to follow your own path.

so we can work on a specific topic:

High Sensitivity

High Sensitivity is an innate way of working for around 20% of the population, who perceive the world "more intensely". Each high sensitive person has his/her sensitivities: food, emotions, taste, olfaction, sight, ...

Living with a high sensitivity (ours, or the sensitivity of a close one) without embracing it, is like demanding of yourself to get a dish out of the oven without oven gloves: it's a pity, and it can hurt. We can make together your "high sensitivity gloves".


Burn-out affects more and more persons each year and has numerous possible causes: work, personal life, being a parent, taking care of someone in need (among others).

I notice that many burn-outs remains undiagnosed, with a treatment level ranging from little to none. A 3 weeks rest is NOT a cure for a burn-out even if it can be part of the answer. That is so sad to make yourself live with this disease when solutions exist.

Burn-outs can also be disconcerting and hard for close ones.

So, for those affected by a burn-out, directly or via someone, and for those worried to be on this path, I offer help.


Gifted, talented: there are many names for an innate way of working, where your way to think and perceive the world differs from 95% of the population. This can be lived as a gift, or as a curse.

The best way to make it a curse is for the gifted person and his close ones to deny it.

That's why I coach you to accept it and learn to enjoy it.

(Re)discovery of Play

Play is a great path to joy. Playing alone or with friends, kids or grand-kids, it can become difficult to do lightly.

Growing up, losing access to our ability to play, we end up enforcing rules everywhere: even toys must be used as instructed on the package, and no other way is proper!

We can only play lightly when we've had a drink. We feel ridiculous to sit on the ground to play with a child. We don't dare doing faces anymore, nor rolls, nor forts in the living room. All of the sudden we don't marvel anymore.

Everyone has play in him/her, car everyone learned by playing. We just need to find where this part of us is hidden to have more joys in our life.

Come rediscover the pleasure of play.

Walk your path

To stop doing the same mistakes again and agin, to find peace, for beautiful moments of serenity, to feel fully alive, this is a path. Short and easy for some, long and winding for others. It seems I took an option on "tortuous path" at birth :o), and thanks to that I developed tools and techniques to walk my path.

I offer to walk with you for a chunk of your path.

Who is it for?

Adult, Senior, Big child, Parent (who had, has or want a kid), Child, Teen, Grandparent, Entrepreneur, Employee, Executive: welcome!


What do you need?

Outdoor coaching

We meet and work while enjoying the benefits of nature and walking.

Indoor coaching

We meet in a room, where we can discuss quietly what brings you.

Online coaching

We meet in a virtual room. Please ensure that whatever place you choose, during the session you can speak freely and you won't be interrupted. This is the best way to fully benefit from the session.

The library

You are looking for a book, movie, music, game to help you go through something, better understand what is happening, feel you are not alone in this challenge, know how to explain something to a close one (a kid or an adult), I suggest resources.

Request a resource for my need / question

Where, When and for How Long?

map of Luxembourg and surrounding areas with a pointer on the center of Chez Isabelle's activities: Medernach

I live in Luxembourg, in the Mullerthal area (nicknamed the little luxembourgish switzerland), a 25 minutes ride to the north of Luxembourg city.

I can go to Luxembourg city (Kirchberg, Main Station).

We can also organize appointments in Belgium.

For a coaching in the woods, I use marked paths. When the location and duration of a coaching session are set, I will send you the exact meeting point.

The standard duration of a session is 1 hour. It can also last 2 hours (large), 3h30 (extra large), or 30 minutes (extra small).

Available timeslots for a coaching in the woods depend on the season (daylight). Indoor coachings happens usually between 7am and 8pm.

For online coaching, the timezone is the one of Luxembourg, in Europe, so UTC/GMT+1 in the winter and UTC/GMT+2 in the summer. This is the same timezone as for mainland France. You can check what the time is in Luxembourg with this tool for example.

Who am I?

picture Isabelle Leturcq Expedition Guide for Life Adventurers

Expedition Guide for Life Adventurers (you can also say coach, personal development helper, or well-being consultant), I've trained for 13 years in extensive and complementary techniques in this field, 2 years in psychomotricity and 3 years in co-creative therapy.

I'd initially trained as an engineer, with an additional executive master in management.

This path is supplemented by my personal experiences: highly sensitive and gifted, I went through a severe burn-out when I was 28 years old. My story gives me precious insights to coach you.

I go on my own adventure: every day I explore my humanity, learn to connect to my body, to my emotions to have more life in my life!

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